KFC Lasnamäe restorani valikus on saadaval kõik KFC parimad palad, ikoonilisest kanaämbrist Zingeri burgeri ja mahlakate tortilladeni. Rohkem infot leiab kodulehelt www.kfc.ee. KFC – see õige krõbekana.


KFC, Yum! Brands, Inc. subsidiary, is a global chicken restaurant brand with a history dating back decades. The KFC story started with one chef, Colonel Harland Sanders, who created a recipe for delicious (finger lickin’ good) chicken more than 75 years ago. The original recipe consists of secret herbs and spices from his own garden. Even now, the success that began 75 years ago shows no sign of abating. The KFC Lasnamäe restaurant offers all the best of KFC, from the iconic chicken box to Zinger burgers and juicy tortillas. More information can be found at www.kfc.ee. KFC – original crispy chicken